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Dartboard helps your employees build wealth while paying down their student loans.

Learn how you can leverage your existing retirement framework (e.g. 401(k)) to adopt our new Student Loan Benefit.

The student loan situation

Student loan debt has reached $1.5 Trillion, with over 44 million Americans affected by student loans.

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Over 70% of today’s workforce graduates with student loans, averaging $35,000.

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73% of student loan borrowers report that they’ve delayed saving for retirement because of student debt.

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Employees leave a staggering $24 billion of free money on the table by not maxing out their employer contributions.

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Millennial employees identify getting out of student loan debt as their #1 financial concern.

How we do it

Dartboard is the first pre-tax student loan benefit, which activates unused 401(k) dollars to build your employees’ retirement savings.

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1/ Your employees’ student loan payments trigger employer 401(k) contributions

Our platform automatically uses your employees’ student loan payments to trigger employer contributions into their retirement plan, similarly to your existing 401(k) match.

2/ Pre-tax contributions that don’t require a new budget

Since 401(k) contributions are pre-tax, the money goes further than just matching employees’ monthly loan payment, which is after-tax. Additionally, with our platform, employers can stick to their current 401(k) contribution limits and avoid adding a new budget item.

3/ Messaging-based UI & real-time impact metrics

Each transaction helps save time & money. We deliver this information in real-time to employees through text messaging.

Why offer a Student Loan Benefit?

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Attract Top Talent

>80% of Millennials say student loan benefits would influence where they decide to work.

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Reduce Turnover

>90% would feel encouraged to stay at their current employer longer.

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Fully Automated Solution

Fully automated management & no integration required.


Federal, Private & ParentPlus loans, all in one place.

1 minute sign-up & account registration with existing loan credentials.

Easy-to-use admin portal.

Real-time reporting on plan usage & impact metrics on employees’ student loans and retirement savings.

Security: We are compliant with the best practices of all relevant financial services standards.

Real-time tracking of loan payments & matching employer 401(k) contributions.

Messaging-based interface: no need to download an app & always available for notifications.

Automated management from within our portal, without any integration.

We are a team of designers, technologists and entrepreneurs, backed by some of the most notable institutions in New York City.

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