Introducing Dartboard: a Student Loan Benefit to turbo-charge your retirement plan


Today we’re announcing the launch of Dartboard, the first student loan benefit that helps employees build retirement savings by paying down their student loans.

Student loans prevent employees from saving enough for retirement

By the time they turn 30, student loan holders have saved half the amount of those that graduated without loans. This is a major problem for the 44 million US student loan holders. It’s also a painful issue for their employers, who are missing out on one of their core retention tools: their 401(k) saving plan.

Student loan benefit adoption limited by taxation

Student loan benefit adoption has been growing (about 4% of employers are offering the perk), but large-scale adoption has been slowed by taxation. Unlike 401(k) plans, employer-sponsored student loan contributions remain a taxable benefit, just like a bonus: employers have to pay payroll taxes and employees have to pay income taxes.

More beneficial to focus employer contributions on retirement savings

While employer-sponsored student loan repayment benefits have made headlines, no solution on the market has connected the dots between student loans and retirement savings. Current student loan repayment solutions help employees get out of debt at a faster pace, but they miss the basic equation that it is simply more beneficial for employees to invest into their retirement savings than increase their student loan repayment by the same amount. For every 10 years an employee delays saving for retirement, the amount he needs to save monthly roughly doubles. For example, if you started saving in your 20s, you might need to put away just 5% of your income to build up healthy retirement savings. But if you start saving in your 30s, you'll likely need to save closer to 10% of your earnings.

The first pre-tax student loan benefit that uses student loan payments to trigger employer 401(k) contributions

We developed Dartboard specifically to improve the adoption and impact of existing student loan benefits, without the burden of additional taxation. Dartboard uses employees’ student loan payments to trigger employer contributions into their retirement plan. For instance, with a 25% matching policy, an employer can offer a $100 retirement contribution to an employee who makes a $400 student loan payment each month. This new model is doubly beneficial for employers: unlike employer-sponsored student loan payments, retirement contributions are tax-deductible, and employers can stick to their current 401(k) contribution limits.

Bring first class user experience to the corporate wellness space

Our platform is built on a proprietary aggregator tool that seamlessly syncs with all student loan servicers, and can deliver employees real-time impact metrics on their student loans and retirement savings. Our original team grew out of Parsons School of Design with a desire to bring first-class user experience design to the workplace. We aim to deliver a product that student loan holders can be excited about and can help them feel valued by their company.


Feel free to get in touch with us, even if you’re just beginning to think it’s time for your company to turbo-charge your retirement plan with a student loan benefit.


Gabor Tankovics

Gabor Tankovics, CEO


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